Friday, December 31, 2010

Mr. Rocco & Ms. Noe

Okay, so lately I have been dying to get 2 new bags:

The Louis Vuitton Noe, and the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle. I really need those bags in my life right now. When I bought my speedy, I saw the Noe bag, and it caught my eye. The price didnt,its $1070.00. I def. will try to find a gently used one, bcuz I dont want to pay that much for that bag. Neways so yea i saw it and fell in love. THEN.... I was in NY for a weekend and i saw a girl with the flyest thing on her arm! I asked her what type of bag it was and she told me a Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel. I could have died right then and there. This bag is just gorg honey! Like seriously! :-| I must have it. But she was telling me that even tho she is in love with it as much as I am, that she sometimes opts for something else because the studs make the bag very heavy. Well this may be problem for me because i carry alot of junk in my bags (Smh, its terrible) Oh Well ::Kanye Shrug:: I still want it!! I 'll keep you guys posted.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Minty Green

Ok so i just got my nails done today and im really loving this color. Its a light green color by American Apparel called Office. I am absosutely in love with this.



OK SO, I decided to start a blog for myself. I absolutley lllloovvee blogs, bloggin---all of thee above so I decided to start my own. The majority of the content of this blog will be...STUFF I LIKE
-MISC CRAP that just interests me

Ok, so here's a little bit of background about Nicole:
I am a freelance make- up (for myself and also for M.A.C. Cosmetics) I love anything to do with makeup.I am also obsessed with fashion. I love shoes.

Hope you guys enjoy my blog ;-)